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Yes, We're Open During Covid-19

COVID-19 is changing the way you work. And it’s changing the way many IT providers operate. As all of us move to remote work, IT will play an even more important role to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

Twenty years of business continuity planning has prepared us for events just like COVID-19. We’re open and ready to keep your technology whether that’s onsite or remote.

Here’s how we’re responding to the current demands for IT help:

  • Our service levels and hours of operation remain the same (M-F from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. with 24/7 emergency support)
  • Our cloud platforms, dispersed office locations and remote work capability ensure support continues normally
  • Our offices are in compliance with all CDC, WHO and local government guidelines in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and across Florida
  • Our business continuity plans are in effect. They’re tested annually and have been used in past disaster-related events

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We’re Open and Ready to Support You

Working Remote Doesn’t Mean You’re On Your Own

We’re committed to supporting your business during this unusual time. Here are some common questions you may have:

Q1: Are you open during the coronavirus disruption? 

  • We are open, and our clients continue to engage with our team as normal. Although remote, our team is maintaining the high level of service our clients are accustomed to. If you’re not a current client and looking to switch IT providers, we are equipped to take new clients and processes in place to make that happen smoothly.

Q2: I’m interested in becoming an iVenture client. Are you accepting new clients now?

  • Absolutely. During this time, many business are realizing their current IT situation isn’t equipped for events like COVID-19. We’re open and ready to take on that responsibility for you.

Q3: Can I still call for support? 

  • Yes. While we’re following CDC, WHO and local guidelines, we still encourage our clients to call our offices as normal.

Q4: Are you still doing scheduled projects during the COVID-19 outbreak? 

  • We’re already adept at doing large-scale projects remotely without interrupting our clients, and we’re continuing projects as normal remotely while maintaining compliance with local government as well as CDC and WHO recommendations.

Q5: What if I need onsite support at my business?

  • While we’re practicing social distancing, we do have onsite engineers ready to travel when absolutely necessary.

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