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Just in early 2021, ransomware attacks in the U.S. alone grew by 185%. In fact, Florida is the top-ranked state for malware hits by a longshot.

Florida tops all states for highest ransomware attacks at 110 million hits

Source: SonicWALL 2021 State of Cybersecurity Report

The truth is, IT security risks are inevitable. But you’re not helpless. Think of it like a wrestling match. With the right cybersecurity services, you control how hard hackers can hit.

With iVenture’s cybersecurity services, hackers won’t even make it to the ring.

You may be asking how much how much does it cost to keep my technology secure? With iVenture, it’s part of your managed service plan. We don’t do hidden costs.

Your comprehensive managed security service includes:

Next-generation Anti-Virus – Behavior-Based Protection

Staying ahead of hackers is the only way to beat them. Our next-gen security advisory services use AI software to block threats by monitoring for unusual, suspicious behavior. Alerts are then created for further investigation.

Threat Detection and Response (EDR)

Threats are detected and blocked on PCs and servers in real-time. Machine learning-based technology constantly monitors files and processes on your PCs and servers, blocks threats and creates alerts for investigation.

Threat Response (MDR) and SOC (Security Operations Center) Services

When threats are detected, the machine is disconnected from the network. This blocks the attack from spreading so that we can assess damage and plan your recovery.

Threat Hunting Data Retention

If a threat is detected and damage is caused, logs are kept for up to 14 days. This allows us to assess the investigate the threat, assess damage, prove the extent of the threat to external parties, and plan a recovery process

Firewall Management

Firewall software is regularly updated, ensuring all security settings match current standards and administrative access to your firewalls remains secure.

Secure Cloud-based Backup (iVenture Vault)

Hourly snapshot backups of your servers are taken and recorded in separate encrypted backup storage. Every night, these backups are then securely uploaded to a secure offsite location. We monitor, alert and report on backup status.

Backup Verification and Test Restoration

A monthly test restore of your offsite server backups is performed. This ensure your backups are always retrievable should an actual restore be necessary. We conduct restore status reports.

Office 365 Retention and Backup Management

Management includes activation, configuration, monitoring, alerting, resolving issues, and reporting on Office 365 file status. A monthly test restore of your Office 365 file backups (Teams / SharePoint) is performed. This ensures your backups are always retrievable should an actual restore be necessary. We conduct restore status reports.

Web Filtering Protection

An expansive web filter continuously protects desktops, laptops and servers from harmful websites. This protects your equipment from malware, botnets and more — even when not connected to the office network. Secure DNS (domain name services) keep your users safe too.

Advanced Email Protection

Microsoft ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) is the gold standard for clients. We manage the configuration to ensure the best protection.

Windows Server and PC Security Updates

Servers are regularly improved with the latest security updates. We monitor, alert, resolve issues, and report on server status and health as included in our security management services. PCS are regularly improved with the latest security updates. We monitor, alert, resolve issues, and report on PC status and health for documentation in our security assessment services.

Common Desktop Application Security Updates

Common desktop apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Java are regularly improved with the latest security updates. We monitor, alert, resolve issues, and report on app status and health in compliance with our security man agement services.

End-of-Life Technology Services

As technology ages, there comes a time when replacements are necessary for outdated, insecure and unsuuported equipment and software. This is often overlooked or put on the backburner because the tech “still works”. But these old systems are goldmines for hackers who exploit vulnerabilities. Really, these outdated technologies are ticking timebombs that need to be replaced.

With our end-of-life technology services, we create roadmaps to plan your replacements so that you can prepare and budget years in advance.

Our services cover:

  • Windows services
  • Windows operating systems
  • Windows server software
  • Network equipment (firewalls, switches, wireless)

PC Disk Encryption Management (Windows and Mac)

Windows 10 Pro and above includes BitLocker disk encryption, and most newer Macs include encryption that can be activated and managed.  If a PC is stolen, lost or hacked, disk encryption helps keep your information safe.

Management includes activation, configuration, monitoring, alerting, resolving issues, and reporting on Windows and Mac disk encryption status and health.

Administrative Access Account Security

IT administrative accounts and groups are reviewed regularly to prevent unauthorized access to your systems.

Password Policy Management

Management includes activation, configuration, monitoring, alerting, resolving issues, and reporting on Windows domain password policies such as password length, complexity and age.

Recommended Additional Services

We also recommend the following services in addition to our standard managed services. These expanded services offer that extra layer of protection to keep hackers at bay.

Network Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Every month, you receive the best IT security assessment services. Your entire network (all PCs, servers and devices) is thoroughly scanned for weaknesses. If an issue is found, our network security professionals handle it immediately. You’ll be given a detailed report on the problem/solution.

Penetration Testing

Ethical hacking attempts are performed to find system weaknesses. This safe process ensures that any security gaps are fixed before they’re exploited.

Intrusion Detection Logging

Your firewall is monitored 24/7 for suspicious events and threats. Any activity raises an alert to our team who investigates immediately. Detailed analyses are reported for compliance.

Rogue Network Device Prevention

Both your wired and wireless networks are monitored for unauthorized devices. If found, we alert, resolve and report the issue.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are set to only allow authorized apps and activity. This prevents rogue downloads that can invade your network. Any suspicious events are alerted, resolved and reported.

Account Monitoring and Security

Protection doesn’t stop with apps. We provide web security solutions too. All accounts are monitored for suspicious activity. This includes unauthorized account changes, password policy violations and account lockouts. Suspect events are alerted, resolved and reported.

Data Access Control Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of critical data for unauthorized activities. Unexpected changes are alerted, resolved and reported as part of our managed cybersecurity services.

Security Awareness Training

This is a critical part of our risk management security services. Ongoing security training helps your team identify potential threats, including phishing and social engineering.  Training, reporting and simulating phishing attacks are included to elevate your organization’s security education.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a failsafe for stolen passwords. It’s installed to ensure only you can access your computer. In addition to a password, MFA sends a second notification to your phone to approve device access.

Dark Web Monitoring

We scan the dark web (marketplace for stolen information) for personal information tied to your key staff members, business and personal email addresses.  If stolen information is detected, we alert you and follow the proper steps to secure any leaked data.

Make Security a Standard, Not an Add-On

When we speak to businesses about cybersecurity, the top concerns heard are:

“I don’t want to end up embarrassed in the news.”

“I don’t want to pay thousands to get my stolen data back.”

“I don’t want to put my client’s data at risk.”

And these are not exaggerations.

Our answer to these worries is simple: Make security a standard, not an add-on.

Invest in the right IT security partner

Don’t want until it’s too late

Never settle for bare minimum protection

Remember, managed security services for small businesses are different from the big corporations. Hackers have you on their radar.

But there’s good news! Every iVenture client has the protection to stop attacks before they hit. We build security into every plan. As soon as you get started with us, you’re safe.

Look at it like this:

Other businesses worry about thousands of cyberattacks every day. Our clients don’t.

Other busineses have to shut down, pay up and deal with the PR nightmare. Our clients don’t.

You’ve built your business’ reputation, don’t let thieves behind a computer destroy it. Call us today, we’ll make sure they can’t.


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