iVenture : 20 Years of Business Friendly IT

Why We’re Different

The iVenture Way

For 20 years, our mission has been to improve IT for businesses across Florida. With operational maturity and leading-edge innovation, our clients experience better IT than any competitor offers.

A Cut Above the Rest

We partner with Florida’s best-run businesses who demand a premium IT experience.  Our typical clients are in the top 10% of their industries and recognized leaders in their field. 

7 Ways iVenture Stands Above the Rest

  • 1

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Our services are flexible – we can act as a full-service IT resource or supplement existing IT departments.

We connect with business owners and executives, operational managers and IT professionals alike.  

The common theme is that the companies who work with us demand the highest-level IT experience.  Average IT just doesn’t work.

  • 2

Dedicated Team Structure

Our research shows that the ideal IT team balances technical depth and availability with a personal touch and close relationships.

We’ve mastered this formula through a unique Dedicated Service Team structure. The result is a perfectly balanced IT experience for our clients.

  • 3

Science-Based Behavioral Hiring and Training Analysis

We use advanced behavioral analysis tools to ensure each hire is the right fit. That same data is then used to strengthen our teams’ emotional intelligence and training plan success. 

The result? Happier employees who stay longer, know our clients better and have the tools to provide better care to our clients and each other.


  • 4

True Fixed-Fee All-Inclusive IT

Our comprehensive All-Inclusive IT offering is truly a set monthly cost that you can budget.  This includes not only unlimited support, but unlimited projects like upgrades and migration. 

Too often, businesses find the promise of “unlimited” is coupled with a hidden sales agenda. The result is unexpected costs for you.  

Not at iVenture. We eliminate surprise bills with our All-Inclusive IT.

  • 5

Real Transparency

Our mature service process ensures every ticket and project is well-documented, communicated in real time and always visible through regular reporting.

For business managers you get peace of mind knowing IT is handled, and for IT managers you get full transparency and integration with your IT team.

  • 6

Built-In Training

Wouldn’t it be nice to try out an employee before placing them in a critical position? We’ve mastered the art of finding great people and building an internal talent bench.  

The result is employees who stay longer and know your business better.  

  • 7

Saying No

We know what we’re about (and what we’re not about). Doing great things requires saying no to other things. 

We focus our business on three brand promises. We do these things better than anyone in our industry.

1.Rapid Response

2.Reduce Chaos

3.Right People

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