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Where We’ve Come From, Where We’re Going

From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom, co-founders Gray Mabry and Mark Schnitzius have led iVenture to thrive as a nationally-ranked managed service provider.

iVenture was founded in Jacksonville in 2000, later expanding to Orlando in 2008 and Tampa in 2015 to provide statewide coverage across Florida. For 20 years, iVenture has been on a mission to deliver a superior IT experience to the best-run businesses in Florida and beyond. iVenture aims to give professionals more time to do what matters most by eliminating IT-related stressors from our clients’ day-to-day lives. Our IT experts are organized in a unique, dedicated team structure that allows for the delivery of personal, premium service from a team that becomes an extension of your business.

Since it’s founding, iVenture makes a point to keep business personal for our clients. It’s a difference our clients feel and appreciate.

Gray Mabry


Gray Mabry is co-founder and CEO of iVenture. As CEO, Gray has more than two decades of leadership experience. Since its founding in 2000, Gray has helped build iVenture to the nationally ranked MSP it is now.

Gray is iVenture’s culture evangelist. In this role, he guides clients and employees on aligning company vision with core values. Through Gray’s strategy, iVenture consistently wins top company culture awards year after year.

Through his time at iVenture, he’s held multiple technical and operational positions. As such, Gray is experienced with building strong culture from the ground up.

With in-depth experience across industries including manufacturing, legal, healthcare and more, Gray caters his guidance to the unique needs of each industry.

Prior to iVenture, Gray excelled in private IT consulting services in the Jacksonville area as well as the University of Florida’s internal IT department.

Gray holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. He’s actively engaged in the community, both professionally and personally. His current board service includes the Young President’s Organization (YPO) and participating in Footprints for Fight fundraising drives.

In his free time, Gray enjoys the beach with his wife and daughter. You’ll also find him climbing Mount Rainier to support Footprints for Fight and flying high with his private pilots’ license.

Mark Schnitzius


As iVenture co-founder, Mark Schnitzius has led iVenture since its 2000 inception. In his role, Mark is the steady, logical hand that businesses rely on for prudent counsel.

Mark has over 20 years of managed service experience. In his role, Mark focuses heavily on client development and long-term organizational growth. This includes examining and expanding iVenture’s service catalog and maintaining sustainable financial growth.

Mark’s depth of IT knowledge is compounded by his breadth of experience. Having worked with almost every industry, including manufacturing, professional services and education, Mark understands the unique needs of every business.

With that understanding, Mark works with businesses to identify a holistic plan of success. He prides himself and the company on finding the root cause of frustrations. This deep dive into each businesses’ goals and roadblocks is where Mark shines. He’s just as involved in each client’s success as he was 20 years ago.

Prior to iVenture, Mark worked in the IT consulting sector as well as financial management, employee and organizational development.

As a proud University of Florida alumnus, Mark has his Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Decision Systems. He continues his education through Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft certifications.

When he’s not in the office, you’ll find Mark and his sons in the great outdoors. Together, they enjoy RV’ing, snowmobiling and boating.


The Values We Live By


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