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15.1 Billion Reasons To Take Cybersecurity Seriously

After a year of the largest data exposure ever, cybersecurity should be top-of-mind for businesses leaders across all segments. Get started today by learning about password security, educating employees, minimizing data exposure risks through technology, and ensuring your vendors are secure.

2019 saw the largest number of data exposures ever. In fact, it’s been categorized as the “worst year on record.”

Quick facts from Risk Based Security’s 2019 Year End Data Breach Report:

For business owners, this is a wake-up call. Cybersecurity can’t be an afterthought. It must be embedded into your company culture. Unless you’ve got an extra four million laying around for emergencies, it’s time to take cybersecurity seriously.

We’ve outlined exactly how to get started. You can complete many of these steps today. For a comprehensive review of your cybersecurity, let’s talk.


  • Don’t use identifying information in your passwords
  • Change your passwords (not just one letter or number difference)
  • Schedule when to change your passwords
  • Use secure password managers



  • Keep your computer software updated
  • Avoid public hotspots whenever possible (never auto-connect)
  • Think first before downloading attachments
  • Install and maintain anti-virus and anti-spam software
  • Install firewalls to prevent access to your network


Ensure your vendors are secure. Ask these questions.

  • What does your security culture and strategy look like?
  • Do you engage in a regular third-party security audit?
  • Can you show (not just tell) how you intend to keep my data safe?

Avoid the headache of data breaches, reach out to a qualified IT provider today. Let them manage your cybersecurity while you focus on your business.

iVenture Solutions is an award-winning managed service provider delivering superior IT solutions to clients across Florida.

As a leading-edge IT firm for small and medium-sized businesses, we provide a diverse range of services covering the entire scope of IT including maintenance, support, hosting and more.

Through rapid response time, reduction of chaos and the right people, our expert team of IT professionals will fulfill your technology needs. At iVenture, we give you more time to do what matters most.

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