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4 Tips To Prevent Zoom Bombing & Other Video Chat Risks

You’ve probably read recent news articles about video chat risks. But you don’t have to worry. With these 4 cybersecurity tips, you can video chat safely.

4 Tips To Prevent Zoom Bombing and Other Video Chat Risks

Zoom Bombing and Other Video Chat Risks

For businesses looking to keep communication strong while remote, video chat is a great tool.

There are plenty of options out there too. From Zoom and GoToMeeting to Microsoft Teams — which is what we use. Check out more tools we use to work remote successfully

But you’ve probably read recent news articles about the dangers of video chat. Like almost all cybersecurity risks, the danger comes from unawareness.

For many people, using video chat in the workplace is new. So it’s understandable that there’s unfamiliarity with security features and risks.

This has led to a number of security problems. Most notably, zoom bombing.

Zoom Bombing: When someone (or a number of people) hijack your Zoom meeting.

The concern is at best, these “bombers” can take over the screen to show illicit, inappropriate content. At worst, your private company information can be stolen, including trade secrets, passwords and personal data.

Protect Your Business

So what should you do? Get familiar with your platform. Prevent security hacks with these four tips.

1. Encryption

Definition: converting information into secret code so it can’t be read by hackers.

This is the first security feature to look for on video chat. Most platforms allow you to choose the level of encryption. For example, you can encrypt entire meetings or just the chat room.

If encryption isn’t an option for you, refrain from sharing private information over video chat. This includes financial talk, trade secrets and any personally identifiable information (PII).

2. Lock the Meeting

Just like you lock a door, you can restrict access to meetings. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • By organization
  • By link
  • By password
  • By meeting code

You can even restrict access based on email address. For example, only people with @iventuresolutions.com can join a meeting.

Locking meetings prevents anonymous access. If you don’t have a lobby or waiting room, this is especially important (more on this below). Caution: don’t give hackers a free pass by sharing your password, code or link publicly.

3. Use the Lobby/Waiting Room Feature

Enabling the Lobby feature gives you a few security checkpoints.

  1. It requires the host to be present before the meeting can start
  2. The host must admit every person individually from the lobby to the meeting
  3. People in the lobby can’t communicate with each other

This feature is helpful when you can’t lock the meeting or prevent anonymous access.

4. Be Cautious

This is the most important tip. Without cautiousness, any security features you use will be stunted. You’ve got to be aware of your digital surroundings.

This means practicing suspicion with links, log-in pages and emails. Always double check web and email addresses. Ignore links you aren’t expecting and when in doubt, ignore them.

You can always reach out to the sender directly for confirmation.

While in a video chat, don’t mention passwords and PII and don’t write them in chat boxes. As Zoom and other video platforms work to heighten security, you have to be your own advocate.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Your IT provider can answer questions and provide security guidance. We’re supporting businesses just like yours right now.

Get on board. We’re open and ready to handle your IT needs.

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