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7 Ways to Fix Shadow IT

Are your employees doing hidden work that’s costing time and money? This is called shadow IT and it’s not a good sign. Learn the 7 ways to fix shadow IT now.

First, What is Shadow IT?

You may not be familiar with the technical term, “shadow IT”, but you’ve no doubt done it yourself.

Shadow IT is done by employees without (or in spite of) the IT department’s direction. It can be as simple as installing ad blocker on your company laptop to using an unsecure cloud app to share files.

Most of the time, shadow IT is a workaround for issues that slow employees down. Sometimes it can be ill-intended.

Either way, it’s not something you want in your business. Shadow IT wastes employee time, causes confusion and can be a serious cybersecurity risk.

But there are several ways to fix shadow IT. Let’s go over the seven solutions below.

7 Ways To Fix Shadow IT

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1. Documentation

Create written documentation on the right way to do things. Make this accessible to the whole company. Encourage employees to add and edit as updates happen.

2. Training
Begin training across departments. Make sure everyone is taught correct procedures and best practices. Add this to the hiring process as well.

3. Chain of Command
Assign someone(s) as point of contact for IT matters. Make sure all information funnels through them.

4. Management
Ensure your management level is following though on direction for teams. They must be stewards of the new process.

5. Trust
Build or regain trust in your IT department. Make them part of training and documentation. Give them authority on decisions. Ensure the IT department is visible by promoting their successes.

6. Tools
Work with your IT department to find the right tools for employees. Use surveys and 1-to-1s to gauge what’s important to team success.

7. Feedback
Create a structured feedback loop. Encourage employees to voice opinions to managers, managers to directors and so on. Make sure the feedback is documented, actions are taken and communication is relayed.

Moving away from shadow IT can be challenging. If you’re struggling with where to start, we can help. Get 20+ years of experience with this sort of thing right at your finger tips. Let’s talk.

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