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An Update From iVenture

iVenture CEO, Gray, and president, Mark, share the current state of business, feedback and future opportunities. Learn their insights.

We’re in the midst of some very interesting times in our businesses and lives.  Mark and I wanted to share a quick glimpse into the world of iVenture and your feedback to us.

I won’t spend time on the standard COVID-19 update other than to let you know that we’re healthy and following CDC and local guidelines.

We’re 100% open to take care of you.  IT services are mission critical to our clients. We’re built for remote work through years of hurricanes, continue to provide urgent onsite support, and complete key projects.

Your Feedback – We reached out to all of you with a questions about work and business.  That’s about 180 clients.  Here’s what you said:

  1. Future sentiment is positive (8/10) on the question of how you rate the future of your business.
  2. Where are you working right now? 30% in the office with no change, 45% are doing a mix (sending some home with essential staff in your offices), 25% fully remote.
  3. Top needs you’ve shared with us: continue to help your staff work remotely, provide flexibility around projects and changes to avoid interruptions, and continue to be responsive (more on that below).

Support call and email volume peaked in March with a 23% increase (and we stayed well ahead of it).  We resolved 21% more issues on the same day and 27% more issues on the first call.  Our people doubled-down on making sure you and your staff got help fast and continue to do so. Please keep telling us how we’re doing in the one-question ticket surveys (we do read those).

We’re often asked what tools and technologies we use – We’re similar to many of you – ~150 people, multiple locations, secure data, and business continuity demands.  We shared some of these tools and techniques on our blog:

Behind the Scenes – IT Tools Your IT Company Uses

Mark and Gray Personal and Professional Update – For those of you who have spent time with us, you know we’re pretty conservative business operators.  It was a unique experience to do an all-hands staff meeting from our homes.  I’ve turned my daughter’s bedroom into an office (Autumn, 7) and Mark’s at home with his two boys (Max, 6, and Jack, 4).  Our team did a nice post on our messaging and culture here:

2 Ways Businesses Can Build Trust With Their Staff Right Now

What’s Next – Mark and I continue to do the right things that have helped us be successful over the past 20 years.  We’re transparent with our staff with both the highs and lows, we make decisions to keep our service and business healthy, and like many of you with whom we’ve spoken, we’re intently focused on the decisions we make today that will help us come out on the other side.

We wish you the best through this time and are here to help.  Please don’t hesitate to reply to me or Mark directly, or reach out to your principal consultant or your account manager with any questions or comments.

Thank you for your continued business and support,

Gray and Mark

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