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Managed Security Services: Are You A Risky User?

Is your Microsoft Office 365 account compromised? Find out if you or your team are risky users. And what your IT provider should do about it.

Are You A Risky User?

The first step to managed security services? Identifying risky users. A risky user is someone with a flagged Microsoft account. The account is flagged for suspicious activity. Right now, you could unknowingly be a risky user. And any of your employees could be too.

Get Right With Managed Security Services

So, how can you find risky users on your team? First, talk with your managed security services provider. They should already be monitoring this through Azure Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory has six types of risk detections:

  1. Users with leaked credentials
  2. Sign-ins from anonymous IP addresses
  3. Impossible travel to atypical locations
  4. Sign-ins from:
    • Infected devices
    • IP addresses with suspicious activity
    • Unfamiliar locations

Then, if any of these are flagged, act now.

Otherwise, your business is facing security breaches. Hackers can steal information, take over your system and hold you at ransom. But, by identifying risky users, your managed security services team can block hackers.

The First Step

With most of us working from home now, it’s a good idea to check your risky user list.

If you do have flagged accounts, prevent them in the future. According to Sean Clark, iVenture support services manager, “Password change first. Then investigate and remediate.”

Then, Once your managed security services team fixes the issues, practice prevention.

For example,

  • Regularly change passwords
  • Use secure password managers
  • Don’t ‘Sign in’ to your social media sites from random websites
  • Check links before you click
  • Avoid public hotspots whenever possible

Find all 15 tips here.

So, don’t let security slip as we all work from home. Remember, your IT provider should be working diligently to protect you.

Find out what we’re doing for our clients. We’re happy to discuss.

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