How an MSP Partnership Can Give Your IT Department the Boost it Needs


IT professionals are today’s pioneers that drive innovation and growth across companies. Pioneers face the challenge of wading into the unknown, which can sometimes mean going out into the wild without all the proper equipment. Pioneers by nature are incredible resourceful, but it doesn’t hurt to have all the best resources available on-demand.

Managed services providers (MSPs) are a group of IT professionals whose business model is one that by nature conforms to the needs of a business, and that can mean working as an extension to an in-house IT team. An MSP partnership can free up time and resources, ultimately making internal teams more effective and strategy-driven.

Here are a few ways an MSP partnership can benefit your existing IT department:

abstract-art-brown-129743Getting to the Root of a Problem

Internal IT departments have the tricky balancing act of putting out helpdesk fires, while working on longer-term goals that help your company grow. In the interest of time, only the symptom of a persistent problem will be addressed, without the resources devoted to eliminate the root cause. An MSP’s network of hundreds of clients and cases not only allow team members to leverage experience when addressing IT issues, but the business model also gives them the freedom to dig in to an issue, and resolve it.

Standard of Certifications

A quality MSP has team members devoted to every type of available technology, with the certifications to back it up. While there are experts in every in-house team, it is almost impossible for a single person or a small team to have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of current technology. MSP partners can handle highly specific deployments by selecting the right person from the job directly from their team. This partnership effectively extends your IT team, making them more effective and productive.

Your IT Team Becomes Your Strategic IT Teambattle-black-board-game-411207

We saved the best point for last: your IT team is now free to be your strategic IT team. Small teams can easily get entrenched with patching, network monitoring and maintenance, and security that they don’t have the resources to help the business scale up. With the burden of backups or the hassle of helpdesk tickets handled by an MSP, internal IT can spend more time with large-scale projects and innovative solutions that make your company more competitive. While MSPs strive to tailor their solutions and approach to your business, no one understands the details of your organization better than an in-house employee. MSPs can improve upon existing technology, and through collaborating with your in-house team, make your business scalable.

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