IT Should Not be Your Problem


We’ve all been here: you’re on the road and a dazzling new client is ready to sign. But first, you’ve got to hash out the details with your team. This should be easy right? All you need to do is remotely log into your network, get in touch with HQ and that client is yours!

But, wait — something is wrong. What is it this time?

  • The network is down?
  • Your credentials aren’t recognized?
  • The team in the office can’t print the attached documents?
  • Your computer is estimating it will take four hours to download the returned file?

And now your would-be client is left waiting.

Something in your IT is broken, and it’s a problem. More specifically, it’s your problem.

While slow computers and spotty networks may be an inconvenience you can live with, but what about your customers? When technology isn’t reliable, it can hinder your company’s success.

The role of technology, and how we incorporate it into our professional lives, is evolving. Many companies refer to the vast, complex and ever-changing field of IT as a “necessary evil.” We think of it differently. IT is a core component of keeping your business running, secure and ready for everything.

“When technology isn’t reliable, it can hinder your company’s success.”

Growing businesses focused on scaling up have to invest in technology, and finding the right solution is a little bit like dating. Your technology partner needs to be proactive, communicative, and most importantly, they need to understand your business. Being able to find the right IT solution comes down to your business needs and your business plan. Your tech partner has to be prepared for cyber threats, to fully support your staff, and allow your company to move forward.


One of the best ways to stay on top of technology while allowing your business to flourish is to look to technology professionals. Managed service providers (MSPs) are IT experts who can accommodate your business needs — managing all your users end-to-end, or working with your existing IT team to allow for strategic growth. MSPs provide the ongoing support necessary to manage the life cycle of hardware while staying on top of the latest technology trends.

“Finding the right solution is a little bit like dating.”

IT should never be a problem. Even if it’s scribbled in the margins of your business plan, technology and the landscape of the future digital world is something every business owner needs to be prepared to face.

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