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iVenture Celebrates 15 Years of Service in Florida

Thanks to our wonderful staff and clients for a great 15 years!…

iVenture, managed services provider, celebrates it's 15th year of service.

iVenture Cheers to 15 Years in Florida

Everyone in the iVenture family is celebrated 15 years of service! Thanks to our wonderful staff and clients for a great 15 years. We’re looking forward to the next 15 years and beyond

A Bit of History on iVenture

Just like every company destined for greatness (Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds), iVenture had humble beginnings. A spare bedroom to be exact. In October 2000, this managed service company was founded in Jacksonville. It later expanded to Orlando in 2008 and Tampa in 2015 to provide statewide coverage across Florida.

Since the beginning, we’ve been on a mission to deliver a superior IT experience to the best-run businesses in Florida and beyond. Our aim is to give professionals more time to do what matters most by eliminating IT-related stressors from our clients’ day-to-day lives. Our IT experts are organized in a unique, dedicated team structure that allows for the delivery of personal, premium service from a team that becomes an extension of your business.

Since founding iVenture, Gray and Mark have been passionate about keeping the business personal for our clients. It’s a difference our clients feel and appreciate.

iVenture Solutions is an award-winning managed service provider delivering superior IT solutions to clients across Florida. As a leading-edge IT firm for small and medium-sized businesses, we provide a diverse range of services covering the entire scope of IT including maintenance, support, hosting and more. Through rapid response time, reduction of chaos and the right people, our expert team of IT professionals will fulfill your technology needs. At iVenture, we give you more time to do what matters most.

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