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Project Management & CMMC: What They Don’t Tell You

Effective project management will make or break CMMC success. Your IT team needs Execution Capability to ensure IT hygiene and cybersecurity are good to go.

Project Management & CMMC: What They Don’t Tell You

When businesses talk to us about the CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), a #1 concern is project management. As in having the time and manpower to pass the audit. We call this Execution Capability. It’s Pillar 4 of the 4 Pillars For CMMC Compliance.

What is Execution Capability?

Execution capability is a common struggle for IT departments. The ability to start, finish and adjust projects directly depends on resources (or lack thereof) available.

We see businesses drowning in IT issues because their IT department has no time and no support.

These are the warning signs of IT burnout:

  • Working long hours/weekends
  • No bandwidth to start projects
  • Start projects but can’t finish
  • 4,000 loose ends

Beside the important issue of unsatisfied, unhappy employees — that’s it’s own topic — IT burnout makes CMMC certification even harder.

The CMMC checks for IT hygiene and proper cybersecurity. If an team lacks execution capability, it’s good bet their IT environment isn’t in top shape.

So businesses have to do some self-reflection. What does project management look like? Where in the process do projects fall off? Where does the IT team usually get stuck?

Planning → Testing→ Execution → Quality Assurance → Formal Project Closure

How to Improve Execution Capability

If your team routinely fails at project management, consider providing a boost. It’s not uncommon for internal IT teams to work with an outsourced IT provider. In fact, many internal IT teams benefit from this type of partnership.

What we call “Supplemental IT” allows internal IT teams to focus on proactive, big-picture strategies. The outsourced team manages reactive issues — things like everyday tickets that clog up the queue.

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CMMC & Execution Capability

Passing the CMMC audit depends on an IT team’s project management. That means removing roadblocks. By giving your team room to manage IT hygiene and cybersecurity, you give them power to succeed.

If you’re unsure about your current IT strategy around CMMC, we may be able to help get you on the right track. Let’s talk about it.

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