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Rethink IT: Changing Your Technology Mindset

Think about how your business does technology upgrades. Do you…

Think about how your business does technology upgrades. Do you make large, one-time purchases designed to last until the next big update comes? That’s how many companies do it. And for a long time, this method worked fine.

Now, it’s different. We’re in the midst of a technology shift that’s changing the way we use technology, and so the way we purchase it. The traditional approach of “buy it once and forget it” is making way for a new world — one of the ever-evolving technology environment.windows 7 operating system

The What?

“The ever-evolving technology environment.” An environment that’s continuously updating to give you the highest quality service. This pertains to the software, OS and line of business (LoB) apps you use at work. They’re not going through massive overhauls every 10 years. Instead, continuous updates will become the new normal.

With this new normal, your business tech will stay updated year over year. But before you get there, you’ll have to make some changes.

Why is This happening?

Technology companies like Microsoft are changing their product operations. Vendors of these products have to follow suit and that trickles down to you, the client.

What Happens if I Don’t Change?

You’ll be at risk. More specifically, the software, OS and LoB apps you use will lose technical support. They may not work correctly anymore and worse, will become security threats to your business.

changes to windows 7 osAn Opportunity to Change

Change is hard. But the alternative is worse. It’s important to begin shifting your technology mindset now, and there’s a timely opportunity to start.

Windows 7 Sunset

Effective January 14, 2020, the Windows 7 OS will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This change to Windows 7 OS, means that on January 14, any machines running on it will no longer receive any security coverage or technical support. In effect, those machines will be at high risk of hacking with no way to fix issues.

Even if you don’t want to proactively move from Windows 7, you may be forced to move because your vendors and LoB apps will no longer work with this OS. Here’s why we suggest you take the proactive route.

Proactivity allows you to:
  • Plan your technology transition
  • Budget properly and be cost-effective
  • Reduce stress on your employees
  • Maintain your business as usual
  • Decrease disruptions to service
  • Reduce security & operational risk

What Should I Do?

Start your transition now, even if it’s just the planning phase. Reach out to a trusted and qualified IT provider that will guide and support your move from Windows 7.

If you’re ready to get started with iVenture:

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iVenture Solutions is an award-winning managed service provider delivering superior IT solutions to clients across Florida. As a leading-edge IT firm for small and medium-sized businesses, we provide a diverse range of services covering the entire scope of IT including maintenance, support, hosting and more. Through rapid response time, reduction of chaos and the right people, our expert team of IT professionals will fulfill your technology needs. At iVenture, we give you more time to do what matters most.

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