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Tech Trends of the Next Decade: Everything You Need To Know

Heading into 2020, we asked a few of our technology experts what they see as the future of tech. Moving IT from a capital expenditure to an operational one, information being more readily available (and exposed!) than ever before, and SaaS being the solution that allows SMBs to scale are just some of the trends we see.

2020 is speeding along and if you’re like us, the busy season has already begun (did it ever really leave?). 

Since it seems like this year will be over before we know it, we wanted to be prepared for next year, and the year after that, and the — you get it.

What tech trends can we expect in the next decade?

Which fads will stay and which will fizzle (RIP Google glasses)?

We spoke to experts across iVenture to get the answers. What they say may surprise you. Let’s jump in.

1. Capex to Opex

Ryan Williams, Principal Consultant

A large part of my job is to live in the future. What’s going to happen two, three, five years down the road. It’s what I work on with clients daily.

More and more, businesses are seeing IT as an opex, not a capex

So rather than investing a huge amount of money at once, businesses can pay monthly.

This is a good thing because…

  • You can budget better
  • You can update IT quicker
  • You can scale up or down easier

The IT industry is maturing and so are its services. Businesses need to shift their mindset along with it.

2.Information Overload

Joni Armstrong, Business Services Manager

This decade will see an explosion in new technology, and an explosion in companies offering that technology.

Take artificial intelligence (AI). Even now, I see small 20-person businesses using AI via Power BI and other platforms. In the past, this kind of tech was strictly enterprise-only.

Today, everyone can play. And it’s only going to be more accessible and affordable.

Some industries will be especially impacted. Healthcare will benefit from the data collected by companies like 23&Me. Manufacturing will see AI take over some positions and open doors for others.

That’s why it’s so important to work with an IT provider like iVenture. Businesses will need someone to help with information overload. Someone who understands your business and how this new tech applies to you.

It will be invaluable to have someone on your side.

3. Technology Democracy

Andrew Garcia, Technical Consultant

The next decade will bring accessibility to the masses. Almost every IT enterprise (think Microsoft) has simplified use of their products (Office, 365 etc.)

While this means you don’t have to be an expert anymore, it also brings a new challenge:

Now that businesses are more in control of their data, they have a bigger responsibility.

And there are greater risks. It used to be that your work files stayed at work on your desktop computer. This minimized the risk of hackers gaining access.

Now, with aggregation apps that connect everything — and are accessible anywhere — the risk of leaking intellectual property is high.

Take your Google account for example. Do you have a separate one for work and for home? Or do you sign into the same one everywhere? Most people do the latter.

Plus, those apps that connect everything have fine print that most people don’t read. And that fine print often allows the app to access and read all the data you have. Even data you don’t want to share.

People say to us, “I can set up Office 365 by myself now.” And we reply, “Sure, you can. But without someone to make sure it’s done right, you’re exposing all your intellectual property to the world.” It’s something to think about.

4. SaaS is the Future

David Gardner, Principal Consultant

It’s a new world for SMBs.

– Competition has gone global
– Everything is cross-platform
– News travels quicker than ever
– It used to take 6/12/18 months to roll something out, now it’s fast
– The way we store data is changing (cloud vs onsite)
– Scaling has never been easier

In this type of environment, SMBs need to move quickly, work from anywhere and at any time. With SaaS, they can do this.

Today’s businesses need to adjust with the economy, this includes scaling up or down as needed. Companies can now pay-to-play, absorbing costs as operating expenses, and consume as much or as little of cloud-based tools as needed.

The ability of SaaS providers to quickly onboard clients and get them up and running in a fraction of the time provides a competitive advantage to businesses that need to move quickly in their space. 

It’s a new decade. Is your IT ready for the long haul? Let’s talk about your vision and how we can make it happen. Call today to get started.

iVenture Solutions is an award-winning managed service provider delivering superior IT solutions to clients across Florida.

As a leading-edge IT firm for small and medium-sized businesses, we provide a diverse range of services covering the entire scope of IT including maintenance, support, hosting and more.

Through rapid response time, reduction of chaos and the right people, our expert team of IT professionals will fulfill your technology needs. At iVenture, we give you more time to do what matters most.


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