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Weekly Culture Workshop: Make A Decision

This week’s culture workshop is about decision-making when situations are unknown. It’s something everyone can relate to right now. Learn why it’s so important.

Weekly Culture Workshop: Make A Decision

Everyone can relate to this week’s culture workshop. It’s about decision-making when situations are unknown. Team lead, Hunter Lohman, is highlighting Andreas Larsen, systems engineer, for being decisive in uncertain times.

Welcome to iVenture’s Weekly Culture Workshop. Each lesson teaches you how to embrace positive work culture beyond the employee handbook. You’ll learn what traits to encourage and how you can improve your own company culture.

Make A Decision

Andreas Larsen, systems engineer
Andreas Larsen, Systems Engineer


Andreas does a wonderful job finding ways to better our team.  Whether it’s reviewing tickets, consulting on a strategy or working directly with clients, Andreas is here to help.

Recently, while reviewing a ticket, Andreas realized there were too many potential variables causing a problem. Quickly, he made the decision to loop in Travis, our in-house network guru. Together, identified they main variable and worked out a solution.

It was a great example of Make A Decision to save time for the client and our techs.

The Key Takeaway

By making decisions quickly, we move forward. In a time-based world, sometimes that means deciding before all the details are known. It can be tough, but it’s necessary to find resolutions.

Actions To Take

  • Weigh appropriate risks to determine how much time you have to gather facts to prepare you for a decision
  • Decisions are not final.  They can be redone, and more decisions can be made.
  • Set expectations.  Explain the decision and why it’s important to follow through before making more decisions.

At iVenture, we take company culture as seriously as we take IT. It’s what makes our business so successful. When employees are happy, clients are happy. We want to help others achieve the same results.

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