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What is a Solutions Design Manager? With Anthony Ruiz

What is a solutions design manager? We spoke with Anthony Ruiz to understand agile team structures, solutions architects and holistic business support.

What is a solutions design manager with anthony ruiz
Anthony ruiz, solutions design manager
Anthony Ruiz, solutions design manager

Anthony Ruiz is the solutions design manager at iVenture Solutions. He previously worked as iVenture’s solutions architect. We sat down with him to learn about this exciting position and unique project team structure.

Give me the elevator description of a solutions design manager.

This role is the elevated version of a technical solutions architect. I reveal the hidden problems and opportunities that clients miss. Where others may solve the immediate issues, I find what’s below the surface.

Too many IT teams take the easy route — quick Band-Aids that need fixing again and again and again. That ends up costing businesses time and money now, AND huge problems down the road. My team and I find solutions for today and tomorrow.

More specifically…

I oversee how my team handles requests from clients and iVenture internal team members. This involves:

  • Working to overhaul or introduce new procedures for daily operations
  • Managing the development of specific client strategies
  • Maintaining key relationship with all stakeholders

For example, if a client needs Office 365, we don’t just move them. I look at future needs, like CMMC, to see if/how Office 365 will interact. Then, we go from there.

I make sure all possible scenarios are explored so we give clients the best recommendations.

Why is the role of solutions design manager important for the company & businesses?

Having a solutions design manager is the start to creating a shared service organization. Agile team structures with cybersecurity architects, cloud architects, infrastructure architects and more, makes us more efficient and client-aligned.

Clients, especially those with lots of users, benefit from specialty IT teams with clear scopes vs. generalists. Clients receive the highest expertise level, streamlined service and 360° support.

What does this role look like day to day?

On any given day, I do technical architect work and interact 1-on-1 with staff and clients. I teach, timeline and budget. I oversee projects and ensure recommendations meet client requirements and our culture goals.

What’s the most challenging part of this job?

Managing team personalities. The Predictive Index (PI) we use is incredibly helpful to my team. With the PI, my team understands their individual roles and how each person fits into the team.

My own PI shows extreme Preciseness. I use data to make decisions but with a new team like this, historical data is scarce. Flexibility is key. Never stop learning and adjusting.

solutions design manager predictive index

What’s the most rewarding part of this job?

The same as above! Managing personalities also means helping people step outside their comfort zone. It’s rewarding to see my team grow into themselves and support each other.

How do you see the role of solutions design manager evolving?

My roadmap for this role involves building out my team — including senior solution architects, moving toward shared services and providing businesses with holistic support. My goal is to help clients now, anticipate future needs and always uncover those hidden opportunities.

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