When Is the Right Time to Get Cybersecurity

When is the right time to get cybersecurity?

When’s the right time for you to get cybersecurity?

Yesterday. Ideally, your business should have cybersecurity in place the moment it opened for business (and really, before that).

But since we can’t time travel, let’s start today.

Establishing your defense system puts you in control of your data. If you haven’t done it already and still aren’t convinced to start right now, let’s do an exercise.

Cybersecurity True or False

Here’s a list of True/False statements. For every Truth, 2 points are added. For every False, 1 point is added. If your results add up to more than 10, it’s time for a second opinion.

Create your own user feedback survey

How’d you do? If you’ve got less than 10, congrats! A good cybersecurity strategy is hard to find.

If you scored more than 10, don’t worry. Now’s the chance to get the ball moving — get a second opinion.

We compare cybersecurity to a key.

Do you have the same key for your house, car, safe and P.O. box?
If you lost your keys, do you simply copy your other pair or do you change the locks?

Because cybersecurity isn’t a physical thing, it can be challenging to treat it like a real key. But the consequences of poor care are just as damaging. Especially if a hacker gets control.

So when’s the right time to get cybersecurity? Right now. We can help you out.


What you're missing about cybersecurity

Discover what you’re missing about cybersecurity 101 here.

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