Year In Review: iVenture 2019


It’s a new decade! That brings new opportunities and challenges for us all. We’re excited — especially because 2020 marks iVenture’s 20th decade in business.

The big 2-0 is October 1st and we’ll be counting down throughout the year. But before we look forward, let’s reflect on the past. 2019 was a year of change, innovation and teamwork. Please join us as we remember iVenture 2019.

Team Highlights

Culture is our number one priority. You can read all about it here. We’ve learned that satisfied employees make satisfied clients. By hosting events, we bond over more than work. Our friendships create healthy teams which deliver better results.

2019 had more events and activities than ever. From company gatherings to office parties to team outings, everyone had a favorite memory.


Springtime meant our Employee Appreciation Breakfast cooked by our very own people operations team. Tampa went on a successful chartered fishing trip and Orlando participated in a ramp build for the Center of Independent Living. Don’t forget Fondue Day and Cinco de Mayo!



Baseball, bowling and the best fried chicken. In summer, Tampa enjoyed a box suite for the Threshers game, Orlando went bowling and everyone enjoyed Publix fried chicken on Fried Chicken Friday.



Fall means football tailgates at iVenture. It also means a haunted pub tour in Orlando, the Dreams Come True 5K in Jacksonville and a delicious Thanksgiving smörgåsbord across the company.


Everyone was in the holiday spirit. Jacksonville went to a hockey game, we participated in Family Support Services’ Angel Tree program, of course, the best time of year — the iVenture Holiday Party. Everyone had a merry time at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. And some walked away with great prizes including a TV, cruise and Apple products.




Editor’s Picks

Everything we write has one goal: to help people. Whether you’re learning about IT providers, choosing a cloud solution, expanding cybersecurity or looking for a new career, we aim to support you. 2019 brought new topics, deeper ideas and a variety of perspectives to the iVenture blog. Here are our favorites of the year.

Visibility Talks: Jennifer Korsun   

This new series debuted in 2019 with Jennifer Korsun, Director of People Operations. In it, Jen showed us the IT industry and iVenture from her perspective. We learned how her experiences shape the way she works and the wisdom she’s gained. Read it here.


Evaluating a New IT Provider Starts With Emotion

Most people don’t associate IT —  a supposedly dry subject — with emotion. But feelings are actually a vital part in decision-making. This article explains why you should embrace, not ignore, your instincts.


Can Your MSP Protect You if It Can’t Protect Itself?

This question was a revelation to people. We assume IT providers can protect themselves, after all they offer to protect your business. But sometimes assumptions are false.


6 Reasons to Join iVenture: A Career in IT

Everyone’s got a bad work story to tell, probably even you! This article lists the six best reasons to join iVenture so you can leave those stories in the past. Here’s what we offer.


A Brand-New Website

It was the culmination of the best minds at our company. It’s our crowning joy. iVenture’s new website unveiled in 2019. It’s streamlined, engaging and fast. Take a look for yourself.


Looking Forward

Goodbye teens, hello 20s. Beside our birthday bash, what else can iVenture expect in 2020? We spoke to Mark Schnitzius, iVenture co-founder and president to find out.

Mark Schnitzius, iVenture co-founder and president
Mark Schnitzius, iVenture co-founder and president

“2019 was a year of growth. New clients, new employees, new technology. Our industry continues to fare well — that’s always a good sign.

In 2020, I expect iVenture to reach even greater heights. Celebrating 20 years of business is no small feat. It comes from learning, adjusting and implementing constantly. That’s how we continue to succeed.

As far as decade trends, I expect cybersecurity to take center stage. More than ever, businesses will understand the need for better security And we’ll help them get there.”

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