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The First Coast is our home. We’re centrally located between downtown Jacksonville, St. Johns Town Center and the beautiful St. Johns River. In fact, we’re just 20 minutes from TPC Sawgrass and Ponte Vedra Beach. We’re your local IT company.

7775 Belfort Parkway
Jacksonville, FL, 32256

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We know choosing an IT provider can be hard.

So we’re laying everything out for you. For decades we’ve delivered consistent excellent service to clients. We know what we’re doing because we’ve been there before. We’ll get you there too.

Managed Network Services

We excel in managed IT. Whatever issue you’re facing with administration and management, we can step in to ensure you’re implementing best practices.

  • Cloud Management
  • Network Management
  • Server Management
  • Incident Management
  • IT Asset Discovery & Administration

all inclusive IT

Best for businesses without an internal IT staff or for IT executives who wish to refocus existing IT teams. You get unlimited IT for a fixed monthly rate without the headache of managing IT.

Expert IT Services

Our expert services are best for IT leaders who want to fill gaps in support, cybersecurity, network management, and more. Our experts and technologies help relieve in-house bottlenecks and slowdowns.

Public & Private Cloud Experts

Access, compliance, flexibility, and integration are some of the key considerations for your cloud strategy and management.  We create the right solutions to help stay secure, be efficient, and save money. iVenture helps manage Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS public cloud services, ensuring you have the right features. We also offer private cloud services providing unmatched flexibility and stable cost modeling.


Rest assured courtesy of iVenture. Our 24/7 monitoring, built-in virus and spam protection and highest security standards means your data is protected from any attacks. You’ve built your business’ reputation, we make sure no one tarnishes that.
As part of iVenture’s Cybersecurity, you receive:

Threat Detection & Response

Advanced machine learning technology monitors the network, so any threats are detected and blocked in real-time.

Behavior-Based Protection

We incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor for suspicious behavior, helping you stay proactive against hackers instead of reactive.

Backup Services

We provide cloud-based backups of all your data at your office and in the cloud so it’s safe. We provide cloud-based backups to protect data wherever it lives – in your office and in the cloud.

Web & Email Protection

Protect all of your business’s devices from harmful web and email activity.

Security Updates

Without regular security updates, your information may be at risk. We are religious about keeping your systems up to date and continuously auditing and verifying that they are.

Audit Preparation

Cyber-liability insurance is a rising concern for many businesses. iVenture can make sure your network is secure and ready to pass any audit.