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All-Inclusive IT Services From iVenture

All-Inclusive IT services give your business the benefits of a full IT department without worrying about building and managing your own. It’s ideal for businesses without internal IT or IT executives looking to refocus their internal IT team.   

With All-Inclusive IT you’ll get unlimited support, comprehensive security and focused strategy at a fixed monthly cost.

With All-Inclusive IT

  • Business owners and executives have predictable IT costs, clear direction and better technology.
  • Operations and business managers benefit from less downtime, faster service and better security.
  • CIOs, CTOs and IT Managers can finally get out of day-to-day IT and focus on completing projects and new technology objectives.

Problems Solved With All-Inclusive IT

  • I’m spending too much time on IT 
  • It takes too long to resolve issues 
  • My IT department is swamped 
  • Things seems like they never get fixed 
  • We can’t get IT projects done 
  • My IT person is leaving (or left) 
  • We’ve outgrown our current provider 
  • I don’t have a technology plan 
  • Unexpected costs keep coming up 
  • I don’t know if we’re secure 
  • I can’t measure IT results

Included Services

Unlimited Onsite and Remote Support

24 minute response time compared to industry 3-7 hour average

Stop Problems At the Source

Put an end to recurring problems with a 50% reduction in issues

Your Critical Data is Protected

Built in cybersecurity and cloud backup

No Surprise “Big Project” Bills

Included IT projects and project management

Less Downtime

24×7 emergency support

All of Your Tech Managed

Cloud, server and network management


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