Supplemental IT Services

Specialty expertise to handle your biggest IT challenges and projects.
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Increase productivity and save time with supplemental IT services

You know when something’s not quite right with your IT department. The problems weigh on the entire organization, and customer service may even suffer. Common issues include:

a swamped it team

Your IT department may be overly busy for many reasons, like losing staff or failing to keep up with a growing business.

projects aren’t being completed

Your projects and processes may be held up, so it feels like nothing is getting done.

lack of visibility into providers

Do you know everything you’re paying for and everything your current provider is and should be doing?
You may not require comprehensive IT services, but iVenture can step in to help when you need specialized expertise or a team refresh.

Supplemental IT Services From iVenture

IT issues don’t have to consume your time and money. We deliver a variety of services on a supplemental basis:

managed IT

Our team can help you with incident, network, and server management alongside 24/7 monitoring and compliance.

Strategic Technology Planning

You won’t get far without the right roadmap. We offer planning services that ensure you’re integrating the right technologies, designs, and processes.

data center & cloud services

iVenture provides data center systems management, public and private cloud services, and secure cloud backup and storage assistance.


Let us handle your day-to-day help-desk and desktop support tickets so your IT staff has the time they need to meet your goals on more important issues and high-value projects.


Protect your sensitive business data with more secure practices. We help with identity management, zero-trust architecture, firewalls, server and desktop protection, integrity management, and more.
Our supplemental IT services are flexible to meet whatever needs you’re facing. We’re backed by IT experts who are committed to helping you succeed. Contact us for more information.
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Why iVenture for Supplemental IT

20+ years of experience.

We bring wider industry best practices learned from working on many different networks.

We’re flexible and don’t require an all-in/we-do-everything approach – but we can deliver that if you need it.

We speak your language. When you sign up, you get a dedicated technical team who understands your IT director’s needs – you’re never working through a sales rep.

We bring transparency and reliable reporting with dashboards and metrics that let you see exactly what’s happening across your IT system.

We offer both all-inclusive and supplemental IT services.

The experts at iVenture are always concerned with quality and value for your business. Work with us to create the right path forward for your IT needs. Contact the iVenture team today to set up a time to talk.