Cybersecurity and
Risk Management Solutions

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Stay Ahead of Hackers, IT Audits, and Better Protect Your Business With iVenture

IT security risks are inevitable. Stay proactive, increase protections, and thwart attackers with iVenture.

Our Security

iVenture Solutions helps you meet CMMC, HIPAA, ITAR, ISO 27001, NIST, Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements, and many more.

iVenture Solutions HIPPA Audited Compliant Badge

HIPAA Compliant

Our managed services are independently audited to be certified compliant with all HIPAA Security Rule standards.

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SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

Our managed services and data centers undergo a semi-annual SSAE 19 SOC 2 Type II audit to ensure your data is safe.

Exposure to Cyber Risk is the Cost of Doing Business

All businesses – regardless of size or industry – will face security risks. It’s just the nature of the cyber world. You may be worried about or dealing with:

ransomware hits

Florida experiences lots of ransomware attacks — and that’s just one slice of the 110 million cyberattacks we suffered in 2021.

network vulnerabilities

Without testing everything regularly, you won’t know if there are any weaknesses across the network.

lack of visibility

One of the most detrimental realities for businesses is that they don’t have a system in place to detect or respond to threats fast enough or effectively.

cyber-liability insurance

Many industries and clients require their partners to have cyber-liability insurance, and this can be difficult to get if your IT system can’t pass a security audit.
iVenture helps you establish a better plan so you’re not leaving anything open for attacks. We help keep all aspects of your network secure.
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Solutions to Boost Your Network Security

Thwart attackers and secure your sensitive information with a better approach. iVenture covers all your bases, so you can have peace of mind that your network is protected. Here are a few of our service highlights:

threat detection & response

Advanced machine learning technology monitors the network, so any threats are detected and blocked in real-time.


We incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor for suspicious behavior, helping you stay proactive against hackers instead of reactive.

backup services

Whether it’s in your office or in the cloud, we provide cloud-based backups to protect your data wherever it lives. 

web & email

Protect all of your business’s devices from harmful web and email activity.

security updates

Without regular security updates, your information may be at risk. We are religious about keeping your systems up to date and continuously auditing and verifying that they are.

audit preparation

Cyber-liability insurance is a rising concern for many businesses. iVenture can make sure your network is secure and ready to pass any audit.
Comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management solutions protect your business from all sides. These are just a few of the services we provide. To learn more, contact iVenture now.

Why iVenture For Cybersecurity

20+ years of experience

We help you speed up workflows with more efficient practices

Secure backups of all your data on your premises and to the cloud, including Microsoft 365 retention and backups

We work with clients in the top 10% of their industries

Next-generation anti-virus and behavior-based protection

Turn to iVenture when you need a better approach to cybersecurity and risk management. We also offer managed and supplemental IT services to overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. Contact the iVenture team today to find out how we help clients like you.