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2024 Technology Trends

Navigating the changing tech landscape can feel daunting at times, but iVenture is here to help you make sense of it all. We’re constantly exploring ways to enhance,

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The background is blurred, showing a man in a suit with his arm outstretched. His finger is touching a superimposed honeycombed image that has M&A in the center, with icons surrounding it. These icons represent a slice of the global business pie, the exchange of ideas, greater profits, better audience targeting, and compatibility.

How Consolidation and Cybersecurity Are Changing MSPs Now, and What’s in Store

iVenture CEO Gray Mabry Talks Talent, Vendor Consolidation, Cybersecurity, and the Future of Data Protection
Key Takeaways:

Most acquisitions are about talent, which is in short supply worldwide
Many smaller MSPs can’t or don’t want to keep up with emerging technology
Vendor consolidation often goes hand-in-hand with MSP acquisition
Why MSPs have to level up their cybersecurity protocols 
Addressing the number one concern of business leaders worldwide – security

We’ve seen a record-breaking pace of mergers and acquisitions in the tech sector during the past two years,

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8 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach

In today’s data economy, information is more sacred than ever. Unfortunately, it can be accessed by invaders through data breaches. This guide highlights 8 ways to prevent data breaches and keep intruders out of your system. 

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