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Flaw Leaves Millions of PC Users at Risk

Last week, a major security flaw surfaced for Windows 10 users….

Last week, a major security flaw surfaced for Windows 10 users. Specifically, it affects Dell laptop security.  This flaw leaves millions of people exposed to hackers.

The Problem

Just a week ago, a security company discovered Dell’s pre-installed software has a dangerous vulnerability.

Dell’s SupportAssist (generically known as PC-Doctor Toolbox) works as an internal diagnostics system. It monitors your computer and reports issues. However, it was revealed that a PC-Doctor security flaw allows users to access its DLL files.

What’s a DLL file? DLL, or dynamic link library, contains code that can be used on multiple programs. It improves program performance and helps developers install and deploy updates to multiple programs at once. 

This is a major problem. SupportAssist/PC-Doctor has broad access to computer hardware and software.

If a user with malicious intent accesses the DLL files, they can swap the installed code with their own. This injection allows hackers to take control of your computer and potentially your entire network.

The Consequences

Once hackers are in your system, anything is up for grabs. They can steal confidential records, get routing numbers, expose trade secrets and more.

You’re at risk of ransom demands, client/customer lawsuits and irreparable community reputation.

Heavily regulated businesses like law firms and healthcare centers are especially at risk.

The iVenture Resolution

We’re taking proactive measures to:

  1.       Uninstall the software from current computers
  2.       Remove the software from any new computer before it ever reaches your desk

We’re always on the lookout for new risks and threats to protect you from. Your security is our priority.

The Next Steps

If you’re a valued partner of iVenture, rest easy. We’ve got you covered. Reach out to your dedicated principal consultant with any questions.

If you’re not part of iVenture yet, ask your IT provider what they’re doing to protect you. If they don’t have a plan, it’s time for a change. Contact us today to get started.

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