iVenture : 20 Years of Business Friendly IT
Coastline and iVenture have worked together for years, beginning with iVenture’s initially being called in to deal with emergencies and continuing with today’s fuller managed services relationship.
iVenture helped G.I. Associates move from using rudimentary technology to becoming one of the most technologically sophisticated medical practices in the country.
Acting as Braddock’s IT department, iVenture has seen this well-established company through successful office moves, a transition to the cloud, and multiple projects.
With operations in the U.S. and China, LightPath needed a partner that could smoothly manage its complex IT needs. iVenture was up to the challenge.
iVenture saved this law firm time and money by integrating the IT of all of its branch offices, allowing the firm to strategically plan for the future and to say good-bye to its inconsistent IT guy.
iVenture gave Trad’s peace of mind about IT so that the small business could focus on what it does best.