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Back To Normal: What IT Managers Need To Know

Was your company’s transition to remote work as smooth as hoped? Here’s what every IT manager should know before we return to normal office life.

What IT Managers Need To Know About IT 2020

Was your company’s transition to remote work as smooth as you hoped? For many IT managers, this sudden experience was all new territory.

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And you’re going to face the same issues when things get back to normal. Unless — you make a plan now. Here’s what you should think about:

1. How Can I Make This as Smooth as Possible?

The last thing you need is stressed out coworkers. Do a full recon of your transition to remote work. See what went right and where things need to improve. Will it help to bring users back in phases? Do you need to do training first?

2. Do I Have the Bandwidth?

As an IT manager, be honest with yourself. Determine if you have enough time and support to get this done. Extra support can save time and avoid bottlenecks. We offer a plan just for this.

3. Do I Need Expertise in Certain Areas?

Would your company rather the job be done right or poorly? No one knows everything. If you need help with things like infrastructure and networks, call an MSP. We offer unlimited onsite and remote support.

4. How Can I Maintain Security?

With people working at home, security gets lax. Employees may be sharing their laptops with family or working on an unsecure network. Bringing back these “dirty” computers could be a nightmare. Make sure to evaluate, clean and monitor every computer that returns to the office.

5. How Can I Balance Reactive Tickets and Proactive Goals?

It’s natural for reactive tickets to increase during this time. But you don’t want to be overwhelmed. Decide what balance you want between reactive and proactive. Then work with an MSP to fill in those gaps.

Need to talk out your plan? We’re all ears. Let’s set up a call today.

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