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Ways To Improve Workplace Culture: Work-Life Balance

Would you rather be Tim Cook or Jimmy Buffett. How about both? Our teammate discovered the key to balancing a strong work ethic and making time for life.

Looking for ways to improve workplace culture? Help employees OWN WORK-LIFE BALANCE. This week highlights Misael Matos, onsite engineer, for doing just that. This is hard for many of us, but Misael found the key to balance a Tim Cook work ethic and a Jimmy Buffett mindfulness.

Welcome to iVenture’s Weekly Culture Workshop. Each lesson teaches you how to embrace positive work culture beyond the employee handbook. You’ll learn what traits to encourage and how you can improve your own company culture.

Ways To Improve Workplace Culture: Own Work-Life Balance

Misael Matos, onsite engineer
Misael Matos, onsite engineer

In the role of On-Site Engineer, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in a task. You can end up skipping lunch breaks or pulling late hours if you’re not careful.

It can also be difficult to tell a client you need to take a break, have another appointment or need to pack up at a certain time.

This is where “balance” comes in, and Misael has a deft hand navigating these types of situations.

He prepares in advance by staying on top of his schedule and setting clear expectations with clients.

To make sure the client is cared for, Misael provides a smooth transition to a teammate to finish up remotely. Or he create a follow-up appointment into his schedule.

The Key Takeaway

By taking a page out of Misael’s book, we ensure our time spent at work is meaningful and productive, so that when the time comes, we can also make the most of our personal time.

Actions To Take

  • Be mindful of our schedules/responsibilities and prepare accordingly to maximize productivity
  • Set expectations upfront when communicating with clients, our manager or our team.
  • Ensure we are taking and enjoying our lunch time and personal time daily/weekly.
  • Prepare in advance for PTO (where applicable), to allow ourselves to truly unplug and enjoy the time with our loved ones, and to meet our personal obligations without sacrificing our professional obligations.

At iVenture, we take company culture as seriously as we take IT. It’s what makes our business so successful. When employees are happy, clients are happy. We want to help others achieve the same results.

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