iVenture Case Study: Bringing Together a Widespread Company

Case Study: Braddock Metalurgical

Braddock Metalurgical

The Company

Since 1953, Braddock Metallurgical has been using its extensive experience to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective heat-treating of metal for its customers.  The company now has heat-treating facilities throughout Florida, as well as in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico.

“I don’t consider them a vendor but a partner. Without their help, I couldn’t do it on my own.”

Cynthia Earl
Chief Financial Officer
Braddock Metallurgical

The Challenge

A long-time client with no internal IT staff, Braddock initially had servers at its various locations that fed into a central server in its Jacksonville corporate office.  The company needed a way to enable their sites and systems to work efficiently together, and to do so in a more stable and secure manner.

The Solution

iVenture helped Braddock to implement a fast and stable network to bring their sites together, and as their server equipment aged, transitioned them to iVenture’s private cloud in 2012, using a virtual desktop environment that provides a uniform and secure experience to all users.  iVenture provides end-to-end support not only for the desktop environment and network infrastructure, but also for PCs and local peripherals.

This stability allowed for a seamless transition when Braddock moved its corporate offices from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach in May 2013.  “They were with us every step of the way, and always very supportive,” says Braddock CFO Cynthia Earl.  “I love my team at iVenture, and they know it.”

The Return

Earl notes that Braddock’s iVenture team “is our IT department,” and she turns to them for every IT need—including recent refreshes of Braddock’s PCs and an updating of the telephone system to allow 4-digit dialing within the company.  She says iVenture makes sure Braddock is in compliance with regulations, and that “they always work around our schedule—we have people who travel a lot.  And they work with us to keep our costs down.”

Earl also appreciates the consistency of service.  “Some of them have been promoted within iVenture during our time working with them, and iVenture always fills those spots on the team with people who are just as worthy as those they’ve replaced.”

“I don’t consider them a vendor but a partner. Without their help, I couldn’t do it on my own.”

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