iVenture Case Study: Modernizing Medical IT

Case Study: G.I. Associates of St. Augustine

The Company

G.I. Associates is a progressive gastroenterology and hepatology practice, with offices in St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Palatka, and World Golf Village, Florida.  The practice’s physicians offer cutting edge medical treatments to patients with a variety of stomach and liver diseases.  In keeping with their outstanding service to patients, G.I. Associates stays ahead of the times in using technology in their practice.

“We were trying to stay ahead of the curve and to function as efficiently as possible, and iVenture has been integral to helping us do that.”

Robin Scott
G.I. Associates

The Challenge

Before iVenture came along, G.I. Associates had four physicians and a small staff operating out of a single office with no connectivity and no network. When G.I. Associates’ Administrator Robin Scott joined the practice, “They were using Medical Manager on dummy terminals.  They didn’t even have the Internet yet.”  She went looking for a firm to help modernize the practice’s IT, and in 2003 she found iVenture.  “They came in, and I was immediately impressed with their knowledge and their hands-on approach.”  So began a productive partnership.

The Solution

iVenture quickly provided G.I. Associates with a suite of managed services and consulting that not only helped the practice get up to speed but also moved them into the technology vanguard.  In 2004, the practice was among the first in its area to move to Electronic Health Records (EHR).  “We were trying to stay ahead of the curve and to function as efficiently as possible, and iVenture has been integral to helping us do that,” Scott says.

The practice has since expanded to four totally wireless offices with over 50 computers and multiple servers.  The three satellite offices can hook into the main office, “so they’ve got the ability to function as if they were here,” Scott says.  “iVenture was instrumental in setting up the network,” as well as in making sure the practice has easy connectivity to local hospitals.

More recently, G.I. Associates arranged to have its data backed up to iVenture’s private cloud.  For Scott, this was a key move:  “One thing that’s really important to me is the redundancy and back-up systems, having things backed up to the cloud.  We feel secure knowing we’re covered should anything happen to our facility here.”

The Return

In addition to providing guidance on hardware and telecommunications systems, iVenture has helped G.I. Associates to navigate the different kinds of software it uses—EHR and practice management software and lab software.  “These are made by different companies,” Scott notes.  “It’s difficult to make it so the different programs can communicate with each other.  iVenture stepped up to the plate to make sure the programs worked together.”

iVenture also consults with G.I. Associates on regulatory compliance policies, such as the risk assessment required as part of Medicare’s Meaningful Use program.  “iVenture has been helpful in reviewing these with me to make sure we’re in compliance.  To me, this is going above and beyond, and I so appreciate it.”

“I also like that they’re really forthright.  They’ll say, ‘No, that’s not a good idea,’ if they need to.  They don’t just ‘yes’ us.  They’ve got great ideas.”

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