Evaluating a New IT Provider Starts With Emotion


If you haven’t worked with an IT provider before, this is your beginner’s guide. If you have worked with one, this is your fresh look. Either way, we’re here to help find what you need — a new IT provider that works for you.

We’re not going to lie, evaluating IT service providers is hard. When everyone talks a big game and shows impressive statistics, how can you tell good from bad? It’s all in the way they make you feel.  Uneasiness and doubt aren’t the way to go. Instead, confidence is a key measurement.

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First, every IT provider should invite you to an office visit. If they don’t, that’s a major red flag. Good IT providers want to show off their IT environment and team. Poor IT providers will hide away.

When you leave the meeting, take stock of your emotions. If it’s a good IT provider, you should feel assured, relieved and excited. Follow your instincts. This is a surefire way to make the right decision. Reflect on the following questions and see if you can relate.

Do You Feel Confident?

Do you feel like this IT provider can truly support you? Competence and experience is a must. The IT provider should know what they’re doing because they’ve been there before.

When you arrive to their office, see if it’s clean or cluttered. Check if their own technology looks modern. Are you given a tour of the space and a chance to meet the staff? If the IT provider says they can support you, it should be reflected in their actions, environment, and team.

Pay attention to who’s talking most during your meeting. Is the IT provider listening carefully to you speak about your IT pains and goals? If they’re not, don’t expect them to care once you sign the agreement.

The IT provider should project confidence, not arrogance, in their abilities.

Do You Feel Relieved?

Has a weight been lifted off your shoulders? The IT provider should focus on the business challenges you face because of poor IT. If the conversation turns technical too quickly, the IT provider misses the most important issue — how you’re affected.

The meeting should be about people and business management (the hard part) more than technical solutions.  Do you believe the IT provider will own and solve issues? You should feel like someone’s got your back.

new it service provider - green lightDo You Feel Hopeful?

Compare how you felt before and after the meeting. Did you arrive anxious and leave hopefully? That’s the goal. The IT provider’s enthusiasm should rub off on you. And you should feel eager to get started.

With the right IT provider, you’ll be given clear next steps. You’ll begin to see just how much your business will improve. That should excite anybody!

Evaluating any IT provider starts with emotion. If they can’t connect with you on a human level, they won’t serve you well on a technical level. Look for an IT provider that puts you first.

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