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Expert Takes: Cloud Migration for Your Business

Are you ready for the cloud? To help you decide, we asked cloud experts to give their best advice. Ranging from pros and cons of cloud migration, best practices and things to watch for, here’s what our experts have to say. But first, get a history lesson on the cloud.   Why Move Applications To […]

Are you ready for the cloud? To help you decide, we asked cloud experts to give their best advice. Ranging from pros and cons of cloud migration, best practices and things to watch for, here’s what our experts have to say.

But first, get a history lesson on the cloud.


Why Move Applications To The Cloud?

David Gardner

David Gardner, Principal Consultant

There are a few reasons. You’ll be able to access apps and files anywhere, anytime, from any device. You can avoid CapEx, instead switching to a less expensive, monthly cost. And you can shift the responsibility of replacing hardware every few years.


Aaron Ward, Director of Technology

The cloud gives you an easier way to scale up or down. Rather than purchasing new servers yourself and having to find room to store them, you can simply add new users to your existing cloud network.

You could go from 50 servers to 4,000 if you wanted to. And scale back just the same.

Ricky Remacha

Ricky Remacha, Lead Virtualization Engineer

Migrating to the cloud allows you to focus on your core business, not the hassle of tech infrastructure and resources.

With the cloud, you’ll have greater security, scalability and availability. For the bottom line, you can trade CapEx for OpEx.

Want to learn more? Discover the inner workings of cloud technology right here.


How To Determine Applications That Should Be Moved To Cloud

David Gardner, Principal Consultant

Take note of the apps your business uses the most. Would employees benefit from accessing that app anytime, anywhere? Do you employ remote or traveling staff? That app may be better on the cloud.

Aaron Ward, Director of Technology

Check if your app has a cloud offering. If so, ask your IT professional to do some research. Figure out how it would run on the cloud and if it makes sense for your business.

Ricky Remacha, Lead Virtualization Engineer

Research is key. Check on these things:

  • Is it a Windows-native application or a web-based or OS-agnostic application?
  • Is the app meant to run on one or two very large servers, or can it be distributed?
  • What are the networking requirements?
  •  Data residency: are there any legal or industry requirements for where the application creates needs to reside?

What’s the difference between IaaS, SaaS and PaaS? Find out.


Benefits of Moving Enterprise Wide Applications To Cloudchairs-company-coworking-7070

David Gardner, Principal Consultant

Less infrastructure at your office, a monthly bill you can plan for, increased security and stronger regulatory compliance.

Aaron Ward, Director of Technology

Back in the day, migrating to the cloud was cost prohibitive. It didn’t make much financial sense to move.

Now, that gap is narrowing. And cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are offering security packages to sweeten the pot.

We’re moving toward a time when the cloud will be the same price as housing it yourself, if not cheaper.

Ricky Remacha, Lead Virtualization Engineer

There are several pros:

  • Improved app performance during high-demand periods (ex. A shopping website during the holidays)
  • No working with vendors and waiting for installation / configuration
  • Increased security
  • Increased app availability in the event of local outages or hardware issues
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Immediate availability for additional or unexpected large storage requirements

Public cloud vs. private cloud. Learn the differences.


Challenges In Moving Applications To Cloud

David Gardner, Principal Consultant

You may have to train and guide your employees on the new way of doing things. They may be used to accessing files and apps the old way and it can take an adjustment period to feel comfortable.

Aaron Ward, Director of Technology

Before moving apps to the cloud, check where the data center location is.

Our clients are located in Florida. Our data centers are in Jacksonville and Atlanta. That means apps will work quickly.

If we had a data center in Utah, the distance would make apps work slower. If that’s the case you may have to spend more to get a better internet connection.

Always look for major fiber hub locations. These include Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, Chicago and Atlanta.

Ricky Remacha, Lead Virtualization Engineer

The biggest challenge is your employees. You’ve got to understand how your application is used by staff daily and what data they use and generate.

Resources should be adjusted to provide the best experience. Will there be changes to how the application looks or feels? This will require additional training time for users.

On a technical level, you may not meet networking requirements or data residency requirements. Apps running on older Windows systems may not be supported.

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Moving to the cloud is only getting easier and less expensive.

As workplaces evolve, scale up, scale down and  increase remote positions, the cloud gives you one less thing to worry about. It’s been around for 20 years and only getting better.

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