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Weekly Culture Workshop: Lead By Example

The best way to teach someone is to lead by example. Learn how Michael Edwards, senior helpdesk technician is making it happen in our Weekly Culture Workshop.

How to improve company culture? LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  The best way to influence others is through your own example.  Walk the talk. Take responsibility, both formally and informally, to coach, guide, teach, and mentor others.

Say hello to Michael Edwards, senior helpdesk technician. Alfred Michaud, deployment services and helpdesk manager, is highlighting him this week.

Welcome to iVenture’s Weekly Culture Workshop. Each lesson teaches you how to improve company culture culture beyond the employee handbook. You’ll learn what traits to encourage and how you can improve your own company culture.

How To Improve Company Culture: Lead By Example

Michael Edwards, Senior Help Desk Technician
Michael Edwards, Senior Help Desk Technician


Michael takes the initiative with new technicians. As a mentor, he shares his expertise freely and willingly shares his past experience.

Every time we present him with a new task, he jumps at the chance to help and be a leader in the group. For example, he volunteered to help raise our NOC analysts’ technical skills and assist with inbound calls.

I have nothing but great things to say and hope he continues this trend of leadership when he moves up to a team.

The Key Takeaway

Help those around you. Offer your experience to those who don’t know something and be there to assist them. Ensure you’re constantly keeping an eye out for opportunities to raise yourself and others on your team. Do not hesitate to share your failures with others. This allows the team as a whole to learn from the problem and solution that comes from it.

Actions To Take

  • Seek more – Ask for more, follow tickets you do not understand, seek out questions/answers, ask why/how

  • Share failures – mistakes are made; we learn from them.

  • Open communication with other team members

At iVenture, we take company culture as seriously as we take IT. It’s what makes our business so successful. When employees are happy, clients are happy. We want to help others achieve the same results.

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