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The Mistake-Free Way To Bring “Dirty” Computers Back To Work

A must-read for IT managers. Learn the mistake-free way to bring unsecure, risky computers back to the workplace after remote use. Find out what security steps to take.

The Mistake-free way to end remote work

For many companies, the sudden move to remote work wasn’t smooth. IT departments had to hope for the best with no time to set up proper infrastructure on laptops and desktops.

Sean Clark, support services manager

We all know the risks — viruses, bots and bugs — that can be lurking on that unsecure equipment. Here’s what business leaders need to know now.

It’s what we’ve coined “dirty” computers.

The question is, how can we bring those computers back into the office safely? We spoke with Sean Clark, iVenture support services manager, to find out.

Remote Work to Office Work, Safely


There are two phases when transitioning from remote work. Phase 1 is the actual work of scrubbing the equipment. Phase 2 focuses on the future.

Phase 1 – Cleaning Unsecure Equipment

Bring computers back using a staged approach. Depending on the size of your business, no more than 5-7 computers at one time.

Isolate these computers by creating a closed loop lab. This way your office network is protected from any vicious surprises.

Now, scrub, run deep scans, test and give the green light.

If you don’t have enough extra hardware on hand, a staged approach can be tricky. Make sure to figure out the logistics first. You don’t want to leave employees with no computer at all.

Phase 2 – Beefing Up Business Continuity

Now it’s time for a post mortem. Sit down with your team and other key personnel (operations, accounting. client relations) to discuss what went right and what needs to be improved.

Look at the entire transition from remote work and back to the office, then get to work:

  • Create and/or modify standard operating procedures
    • Specify who can use remote equipment, when and how. Communicate this to all teams.
  • Check local, state and federal regulations
    • Does HIPAA, SOC or ITAR have specific compliance needs?
  • Set up infrastructure
    • Remote VPN
    • Multi-factor authentication
  • Buy backup hardware now
    • When COVID hit, hardware wasn’t available anywhere for purchase

Remember, even if your company feels prepared to take on cybersecurity threats, taking equipment outside the network is always risky.

As businesses start to reopen, IT departments will play a major role in a smooth, safe transition.

Need a boost to get back to work? That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you map out a success plan and provide supplemental support when you need it.

For 20 years, we’ve provided IT departments with the extra boost to get things done. Let us do the same for you. Contact us today for more information.

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