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“They Were On It Before We Even Knew What Happened” – Client Reviews

Learn what Tammy from Gulfcoast Legal Services in St. Petersburg, Florida recently said about our managed IT services.

Hearing client feedback makes our day. And it helps us serve our clients better. More importantly, client feedback provides a third-person look at how we operate. For you, that means an honest and true review of our IT support.

Tammy Greer of Gulfcoast Legal Services wrote about their transition from office to remote work, and the part we played in simplifying the process.

“Our nonprofit legal aid law firm has used iVenture for our IT management for three years now. I was already impressed with their day-to-day support and quick response to our requests.


We have nearly doubled in size since contracting with iVenture, and they’ve been wonderful about getting new staff set up and supported.


Their service, however, has been invaluable in the past month. We had to move 41 staff (many of whom are not at all tech savvy!) from working in an office setting to functioning completely remotely. They were on top of everything from day one.


They calmly walked our staff through the process, helped them download and use apps, set up their laptops, access our network via VPN, set us up in MS Teams, you name it.


They furthermore took additional steps to ensure our data, including our video-conferences, were secure. As busy as they were, they were also able to implement advanced threat protection protocols.


On top of everything else, our new back-up battery on our server died this morning – at no fault of iVenture. They were on it before we even knew what had happened.


Without iVenture, we would have been dead in the water for quite a while. Thanks to their expertise, we did not miss a minute of service to our clients.


Our agency, Gulfcoast Legal Services, provides free civil legal services to vulnerable low-income individuals who are facing eviction; victims of elder abuse, domestic violence or human trafficking; those who have been denied public benefits or unemployment; etc. — all critical services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


HUGE thanks to the iVenture team … David, Lauren, Sean, and Steve in particular … for their commitment and support in our time of need.


I recommend iVenture Solutions for any business needing high quality IT support. They saved us.”

In Tammy’s review, we noted several Fundamentals and Core Values. These include:


#3 Be Vigilant About Security

#6 Be Easy To Work With

#7 Think From the Client’s Perspective

Core Values

#6 Deliver Value

#7 Drive Innovation

#8 Protect Business

As a managed IT company, we know how important IT is to your business. That’s why we live by our eight Core Values and 30 Fundamentals. Learn more about our culture of excellence here. Then let’s talk about how all this can benefit you.

iVenture’s award-winning team delivers managed services, cloud and cybersecurity to Florida’s best businesses. With statewide coverage, our offices in Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa make us your local IT partner. Whether you need end-to-end IT or a boost to your internal IT team, we’re ready. At iVenture, we give you more time to do what matters most.

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